Privacy Policy

To give visitors of Farm Add-ons a clear overview of what Farm Add-ons does with the gathered information from users through membership and tracking, We have written this privacy policy.

Note: Throughout this document, a visitor is ofter addressed as 'he'. In all cases, this actually means 'he/she'.

Registration Information

Farm Add-ons requires people to register for an account to be able to post comments and other interactions with the site. Only name, password and email address are required for this registration, the rest can be left blank if wanted to. Your email address will only be visible for the Farm Add-ons administrators. This information will never be given out or sold to anyone.

Information through tracking (including cookies)

To keep record of how many visitors and downloads Farm Add-ons has on a daily basis, Farm Add-ons has a visitor tracking system. The visitor counter works with IP's, which means that when someone visits Farm Add-ons, his IP will be recorded and stored for 24 hours. This IP is not visible for any regular visitor, again only to the Farm Add-ons administrators and will never be given out or used for any other thing than the Farm Add-ons counter.

Login System (cookies)

The Farm Add-ons login system uses cookies to keep the person logged in. These cookies will only be used by Farm Add-ons to keep you logged in. Logging in is optional in all cases.

Posting Comments

When a person posts a comment on Farm Add-ons, his IP will be recorded with the message. This IP is only visible for administrators and is only intended to track down visitors abusing the Farm Add-ons comments system. The IP will then be used to set a ban. Never will Farm Add-ons publish an IP for a person to anyone else than the administrators and no administrator will use this IP in any other way than setting a ban on Farm Add-ons for that IP.


The advertising on Farm Add-ons is provided by Google Adsense. Their privacy policy can be read here

Farm Add-ons uses analytics to track demographics and interests such as age and gender so that we can better understand who our users are. If you wish for this information to not be tracked you may opt out here


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